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22" complete mini cruiser in maple, 32" complete skateboard, maple 22", motif, new ridge design, ridge hq

We are printing our new series up at the moment, which is very exciting for us.  The Ridge Motif series are 7 brand new designs available in either 22" mini cruiser complete or 32" standard skateboard complete, and we are very pleased with them.  This is the favourite in the office so far: They ship complete with the standard Ridge trucks and wheels, and have the black blank super-raw griptape on top. We like them.  Here is a photo of the first batch being printed up at Ridge HQ: And here is the link to the Motifs on the site:...

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john the dog, monday, ridge hq

It's Monday today and you can tell at Ridge. The warehouse is still half asleep, we are all guzzling coffee, and even the hyper, crazed dog is too lazy to move. One of the lads forgot to rock up, so I'm guessing he had a good weekend.

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