Wholesale Enquiries

Wholesale Enquiries

Ridge are pleased to be able to accept wholesale orders on all of our ranges.

If you are interested in stocking our cult mini cruisers, please email us a short introduction to your company to ridgeskateboards@barksgroup.com, and we will respond within one working day.

Wholesale orders count as long as you order over 12 skateboards. We also offer price tiers at 24 pieces and 52 pieces.  An order can be any configuration of complete boards.

Please ask us for UK and overseas delivery rates- these will depend on the size of your order as we either ship by pallet or box, so we will need an idea of the size of your order to quote accurately.

We can take payment for orders by credit/debit card over the telephone or via bank transfer/ wire.

Many thanks,

The Ridge Team.



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