RiDGE Skateboards is a fast growing skateboard brand from the North of England.  Ridge Skateboards are born from wanting to make mini retro cruiser skateboards with great specifications, but for a proper and reasonable price, Ridge is going from strength to strength, and we have customers across the world now.  We have loads of fans across Europe, a distributor in Slovenia, a wholesaler in Iceland, and a growing number of indie skate shops stocking us in the UK.

We make and sell the boards we love.  They are small, well made, brightly coloured, and great for customising.  They skate really well on the streets, and are perfect for getting around on.  Everyone else seems to think so too, so we are really proud!

We started as a small family business, though there are 7 of us now altogether.  We all chip in to build the cruisers and ship them out.  We also all chip in to make up the colour combinations, we design new boards, we source extras like our skate T-tools, and we are always changing things here in Ridge HQ.

We started selling when we still lived on a boat in Yorkshire.  We sold alternative body jewellery, but then someone was talking about the price of Penny boards, and asking why there weren't any good quality ones for less, so... well here we are.  We don't fit in a boat anymore, we work from two warehouses, and have skateboard assembly desks, and drills.  We still sell the alternative body jewellery as well, but we definitely prefer our cult brand of mini skateboards.