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Monday blues...

It's Monday today and you can tell at Ridge. The warehouse is still half asleep, we are all guzzling coffee, and even the hyper, crazed dog is too lazy to move. One of the lads forgot to rock up, so I'm guessing he had a good weekend.

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Its heating up now, the pressure is on to get all the wholesale orders out in time for Christmas, and everyone is listening to rave music and frantically making skateboards. Mental, considering we haven't even had Halloween yet.  Also mental considering this time last year we weren't even selling any boards wholesale.

Here is a lovely photo of a Ridge skateboard enjoying the view in Italy, just because.



Epic day here at Ridge HQ, with a new delivery this morning, including three new board styles!  Very chuffed here with the new designs anyway, so hope you lot like them.  41" twin tip longboard with massive cruiser wheels, and a 31" standard size maple board with a kickflip at either end.

Here is a not very high tech photo of the twin tip...

The new Ridge board is finally here: 27 inches of 7-ply Canadian maple beauty

Here is a first little picture of it.  

We think its a wondrous beast.

It is 27" long, made of 7-ply canadian maple, has cut outs to avoid nasty wheel bite, and features the same famous 59mm 78A wheels as the 22" cruisers.  
The length and specs mean it is perfect for cruising, but the maple deck, the subtle concave and the mellow kick tail mean you can still pull off a few sneaky trick.

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