There has been a ton of stuff happen at Ridge HQ recently

So in the last few days it has been a hectic time for us, we have had the Ridge HQ walls graffitied by some street artists from Sheffield, we have started on our next Ridge video, and we have introduced the exclusive one off Gradient board collection...  first things first... here is the wall:

Technically that is just part of The Wall, but the photos don't do it justice.... it looks rad.

Here is the teaser for what will be a great video, courtesy of our new Ridge video star, Chris, who assembles boards for us when he isn't choking people doing MMA... watch this space for the real release of it...

Ridge Skateboards from on Vimeo.

And then there is these, the Gradient boards.  They are exclusive, because they only happen when we pour plastic from one colour to another colour, and the colours combine to make crazy one off mixtures like this:

They never combine in the same way twice, so every board is totally unique.  Great for people like us who want the most unique skateboard on the planet.

This one was our favourite, but it sold immediately.  I hope the owner loves it.

The Gradient collection is here by the way:

Over and out for another week, be safe.



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