RIDGE HQ UPDATE- we have moved to a new warehouse with a good stereo..


Its been a while, and everything's changed!  

We have moved 100 miles down the road. And now we have a proper shutter door- great news for our cruiser assemblers, who can get pallets out without taking the boxes through the door one by one like in the old days.

We lost our first skateboard packer Alex when we moved away, but these days we have Andrius, Anthony and Sean speedily changing wheels for customer orders and keeping us ticking over.  Its really busy nowadays and we still have to help get the big orders out too, so we haven't totally lost the plot.  

And the warehouse isn't in the countryside anymore, but its got smooth concrete outside... so we're happy.

John the dog is still the office mascot, and we still use him to scare off anyone that comes in wearing a suit.

Other than that we got a new stereo out in the warehouse so all wheel-changing happens to a beat.  We got a coffee machine with proper coffee to keep everyone awake, and a blender for smoothies.  And deck chairs in the office.

There's still room for improvement..  We need a sofa. If you have one you don't want and you live round here, send it to us.




PS: To see our warehouse photos, plus all the photos we love of Ridge fans around the world, visit our Ridge Gallery

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