Ridge Skateboard Hardware Gumball Bolts w Coloured Hex Heads

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  • 1.125" Skateboard bolts
  • Nickel-plated aluminium with dipped heads and black bolts
  • 9 colour choices
  • High tensile
  • Pack of 8
  • Standard hex head

A set of eight high tensile standard bolts to complement your Ridge cruiser, made of nickel-plated aluminium, with the heads dipped in colour.  Also fit other mini cruisers available elsewhere.

The easiest way to update your Ridge cruiser look for a really customised board, our new Ridge high tensile bolts come in 9 different colours.

They feature the standard allen key hex head for use with our Ridge skate tool.

    Available in Black, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange, White and Green


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