Ridge 27" Skate Deck: 27" x 7.5" Plastic Big Brother Cruiser Deck Only available in 20 colours

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  • High quality plastic injection moulded board, made in England using our secret formula
  • Ridge logo embossed in the centre
  • 27" x 7.5" deck: perfect size for beginners
  • Available in 20 different colours including glow in the dark
  • Deck only: does not include trucks, bolts, wheels 

Switch and change the colour of your deck without having to get a whole new board with the Ridge plastic 27" mini cruiser decks. Great if you fancy a colour change or fresh deck but don't need a complete new cruiser.

A high quality plastic injection moulded board with the Ridge logo emblazoned in the middle, these are made in the UK using our secret plastic formula, giving the perfect flex for cruising but tough enough to withstand some serious skating!

This deck fits the Big Brother 27" cruiser only, so that is the large deck rather than the 22" mini cruiser. The trucks required for this deck are 4" wide (sold seperately), the trucks belonging to the 22" original mini cruiser will not fit this deck properly.


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