Ridge 22" Deck Only for Mini Cruiser board skateboard, 20 colours

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  • Ridge Skateboards - the only cruiser manufactured in the UK
  • Updated your ridge cruiser by switching your old deck to one of our many colours
  • High quality secret plastic formula using automotive industry strength PU plastic for some flex with ideal strength
  • 22" compact board for ultimate portability and ideal cornering

Switch and change the colour of your deck without having to get a whole new board with the Ridge retro plastic skate decks. Great if you fancy a colour change or fresh deck but don't need a complete new board. 

  • A high quality plastic injection moulded board with the central embossed Ridge logo.
  • Made in England
  • 22" X 6" for ultimate portability.

Please note, this is just to buy the Ridge deck on its own, so you will already need to have the trucks, wheels, bearings, nuts and bolts.


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