Ridge Recycled 27" Cruiser Complete Big Brother Skateboard UK-made, recycled car bumpers

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The Ridge Recycled 27" Big Brother Cruiser

The Ridge Recycled Big Brother Cruiser is a 27" mini cruiser that is made in the UK out of recycled car bumpers.

It is the same amazing specs as our original Big Brother cruisers, but it is now injection-moulded using black recycled plastic, giving us a chance to give a bit back.

Ours are the only mini cruisers made outside of China (in Liverpool), and we are very proud of that fact. At only 27" long, it is the perfect size to cruise all day, and still small enough to take on the bus with you when you are too tired to make it home.

The cruiser wheels are large and soft, which mean they are great for all different street surfaces. Pre-fitted with ABEC-7 bearings so you won't slow down.

The Ridge Recycled 27" Big Brother Cruiser features:

  • The Ridge brand is the only brand of mini cruisers made in the UK.
  • The Ridge Recycled Range features decks made from recycled car bumpers, but gives exactly the same flex and ride as our original Ridge Big Brother cruisers.
  • The Ridge Recycled Big Brother Cruiser is a great compact size of 27", and is shipped complete with 59mm PU 78A large soft rubber wheels with ABEC 7 bearings already fitted as standard
  • We are proud of our reputation: Google Ridge to see our gallery, customer reviews and videos, and find us on Facebook today!

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