Ridge 28" Shark Complete Maple Mini Cruiser Longboard w 59mm soft wheels, ABEC 7 bearings

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So Ridge is very happy to introduce our new Shark complete range 
  • 28" x 7.75" 7-ply Canadian maple Shark Deck
  • Wider space for foot positioning!
  • 3" aluminium trucks with riser pads and soft pivots for cruising
  • 59mm 78A soft cruiser wheels with ABEC7 bearings
They are made from 7-ply full Canadian maple, and are all fully assembled with Ridge high quality components. And basically they are a smaller take on conventional longboards, making portability much easier but still providing a great carvy ride with a wide enough deck to get your feet in a great stance.

The deck is kitted out with super-grippy, blank black griptape, and all hardware is Allen key friendly, making for easy parts swaps.

The materials and components are really high end, with a well-designed 7-ply maple deck, great 78A soft cruiser wheels, die-cast 3" aluminium trucks with 90A bushings, soft pivot cups, and ABEC-7 bearings for a super-smooth ride.

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