Ridge 27" Big Brother Mini Cruiser complete board skateboard in orange- 12 wheel colours

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  •  The only mini cruiser brand that isn't made in China, our boards are injection-molded in Liverpool and hand built down the road by us!
  • The Ridge 27 is 5" longer and 1.5" wider than the original Ridge board. This makes it slightly more stable than its little brother and gives it a slightly larger turning circle.
  • Deck: 27" long x 7.5" wide (68.6cm x 19cm)
  • Trucks: 4" wide high performance trucks with 87A super soft yellow bushings
  • 59mm 78A PU Wheels- the same great wheels as our mini cruisers
  • ABEC-7 High speed precision stainless steel bearings (For a faster smoother ride!)
  • The Ridge brand is renowned for high build quality and great design

Built to the same amazing specs as its little brother, the Ridge 22" Original Retro Cruiser, the 27" Big Brother board is solid, hardwearing, colourful and tough, and is even easier to pull off tricks on, thanks to its 7.5" width. 

It features the same famous 59mm PU wheels in 12 wheel colour choices, the same build of high quality aluminium trucks, the same high spec ABEC 7 bearings for a fast ride and super-soft yellow bushings. 

At 27" long, it is more of a cruiser than the mini retro board, and great for beginners.


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