Ridge 22" Maple Wood Mini Cruiser Board: Dark Dye with 12 wheel colours

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  • Dark dyed wooden deck with retro Ridge graphic
  • 7-ply Canadian maple deck in 22" mini size
  • Google the reviews to get a taste of the Ridge maple mini cruisers
  • 3" aluminium Ridge trucks
  • Compact and portable, perfect for getting around on
  • ABEC-7 High speed precision stainless steel bearings 
  • 59mm 78A PU Wheels 
  • 3” High performance aluminium wheel trucks 
  • 90A super soft yellow PU bushings 
  • Available in 12 different wheel colours
  • Shipped in a handy Ridge carry box 
  • Weight: 1.879kgs

Based on our famous mini maple 22 cruiser, this brand new series feature dark dyed wooden maple boards with retro Ridge designs.

Google the reviews to get a taste of the Ridge maple mini cruisers: They are based on the 1970s iconic ride, made to the original mini 22" size, but even more retro and stylish in 7-ply maple, and sturdy enough to pull off a trick or two.

They are available with all our usual famous cruiser wheels for a unique look.

Perfect For:

They are the perfect compact size for street cruising, tight cornering, taking on the tube and riding to school. The materials and components are really high end, with a Canadian 7-ply maple deck, great soft cruiser wheels, die-cast 3" alu trucks with 90A bushings, and ABEC 7 bearings for a super-smooth ride.


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