Ridge 22" Mini Cruiser complete board in blue with a choice of 12 wheel colours

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  • Ridge are proud to offer the only mini cruiser in the world manufactured outside of China: our boards are made and built in the UK.
  • Our board is based on the iconic 70's plastic skateboard design by Makaha, but we have updated everything about it
  • Made with a unique design using our own secret plastic formula, perfectly designed to have exactly the right flex but with unbeatable strength
  • With a 22" deck for ultimate portability and ideal tight carving, you can take your Ridge board anywhere.
  • Featuring our famous large, soft, 59mm, 78A PU rubber wheels, prefitted with ABEC 7 bearings- great on most surfaces and designed to keep you rolling for longer.
Just google our reviews to really get a feel for the Ridge mini cruisers. Here's why everyone loves them (including us):

They are based on the 1970s iconic ride, made to the original mini 22" size, but with updated, quality components.
They are injection-molded in Liverpool, England and then assembled by hand, by us, just down the road.
They are available in 6000 colour combinations for a totally custom ride.
They are the perfect compact size for street cruising, tight cornering, taking on the tube, taking on holiday and riding to school.
The materials and components are really high end, with a super-strong secret formula deck, (it took us a year and a half to develop), great soft cruiser wheels, die-cast 3" aluminium trucks with 90A bushings, soft pivot cups, and ABEC 7 bearings for a super-smooth ride.

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