Neochrome Dirt Scooter 200mm Air Tyres, BMX style

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  • Completely all-terrain: Off road dirt scooter with ultra-strong but light full chromoly bars and aluminium deck is great for all terrains including dirt, grass, rough ground and trails
  • Serious off-road tyres: 200 x 50 mm off-road pneumatic tyres are durable and maintain a strong grip, perfect for tackling tough terrain
  • Ultimate control, even on dirt: Max grip bar grips with locks and triple stack threaded headset is ideal for staying in full control whilst manoeuvring around the track
  • Amazing specs: Made with high quality components such as stainless-steel rear brakes for extra stopping power (even on dirt!) and tubular BMX style forks made for tacking tough ground
  • Suitable for kids age 12+ to adult; maximum weight 100 kg


Dirt scooters are quite new to the scooter game… they are like stunt scooters… only dirtier, rawer, and a whole lot more fun. Do your usual tricks, but now anywhere, with all terrain wheels.  You can still use them at the skate park, on roads, wherever you normally do, but now you can also use them on BMX tracks etc, as the wheels eliminate the restrictions stunt scooter wheels impose.  Off-road scootering is the best scootering.

The heavy duty construction means this scooter can take some serious riding punishment and is ready to find the next extreme route across the terrain. No matter where you want to ride, the chunky 200mm pneumatic tires give grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.  The frame is made of lightweight aluminium to get you airborne, but with pro-spec steel alloy reinforced forks and chromaly steel handlebars to make sure when you land all is well. Serious grips mean your hands aren’t going to suddenly slip mid-trick, and a stainless steel back brake lets you be in control.

PLEASE NOTE: Tyres made need inflating with pump on arrival.

Overall Height: 91cm / 36"

Overall Length: 84cm / 33"

Handlebar Width: 50cm / 20"

Deck Width: 12cm / 5"

Wheel Diameter: 19cm / 7"

Weight: 5.5kg (approx)

Colour: Black

Technical Specs:

  • DECK - Full Aluminium
  • HANDLEBAR - Toughened Chromaly Steel Y Bar w max grip bar grips
  • HEADSET – Triple stack threaded
  • FORK - Toughened Steel
  • CLAMP - Heavy Duty Interlocking
  • GRIP TAPE - Full Length Custom Graphic
  • WHEELS - 200mm x 40mm Pneumatic Off Road Tyres

Safety Instructions:

Always carefully check the tightness of all fixtures, fittings and bolts before each use. Do not over tighten and fixtures and this can lead to breaking bolt threads which can then loosen over time. Always store and use your scooter in dry conditions to avoid moisture getting in to moving parts and causing rust that can hinder the free movement of these components. Provided that bearings are kept dry and rust free, there will be no need to re-lubricate as this can attract dust and dirt to stick, causing bearings to seize.


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